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PRO130D Kit ( 1 Wheelbarrow 130L with dual wheel + 4 Buckets 20L + 1 Scoop 20L) - BucketBarrow

£369.00 £307.50

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  • Brand: BucketBarrow
  • Product Code: DYMMD021

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The BucketBarrow PRO130D is one exceptional, patented, efficient, heavy-duty, practical and innovative wheelbarrow kit which is among the first to include a perfectly fit multipurpose 20 litre scoop and four sturdy 20 litre buckets into one strong wheelbarrow for greater, safer, easier, quicker and better loading, unloading and movement and placement of materials, even in tough work settings.

Thanks to its perfectly balanced and tough shape and design, this PRO130D BucketBarrow will guarantee to facilitate your various personal and commercial applications, such as construction, agricultural, industrial, landscaping, animal care or horticultural environments. Plus, engineered with dual front wheels and a low gravity centre, this heavy-duty wheelbarrow kit will ensure to decrease any type of user fatigue or stress so as to better focus on greater work efficiency. Narrow, compact and yet powerful, this PRO130D BucketBarrow comes with four large footprints so as to settle only for the perfect excellent stability required whilst being easily handled. Also, the operator can ensure to work in harsh conditions due to the strengthened, boltless, waterproof polypropylene tray of 6mm in thickness and which come with an incorporated shock board for additional stability. Moreover, this large flat surface tray has an easily cleanable and manageable surface and is further strengthened by a steel slam bracket which has the ability to absorb any kind of impact or shock and hence, protecting the front of the tray while tipping forward.

The BucketBarrow PRO130D Wheel barrow Kit Includes:

* 1 x 130 Litre Dual Wheel, Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow

* 4 x 20 Litre Tough Buckets

* 1 x 20 Litre Multipurpose Scoop


The PRO130D Buckets are very sturdy and user-friendly buckets which come in square shapes and have a carrying capacity of 20 litres. These strong buckets have been specially designed so as to fit perfectly into the PRO130D wheelbarrow tray and therefore, guaranteeing better, safer, and quicker movement, management and distribution of materials, even in toughest working environments. Plus, with a thickness of 3mm and added ribbing for further strength, the PRO130D Buckets are the perfect working tools for difficult work environments. Moreover, this unit from BucketBarrow comes with both internal and external litre markings as well as well-rounded corners for more precise measurement of materials for easy pouring and mixing. Also, for enhanced productivity, the PRO130D Buckets have been equipped with 6mm strengthened steel handles with comfort moulded hand grips. Additionally, these exceptionally robust buckets will guarantee to save time and effort required in measuring and moving around different materials, all at the same time and thereby, increasing work efficiency. These heavy-duty buckets are complemented with top mounted handles for better access and easy stacking and storing in work site or in vehicles during transportation.


The PRO130D Multipurpose Scoop is one exceptionally strong, versatile and efficient 20 litres scoop which is very helpful in the carrying, pouring, and placing of materials easily, rapidly and securely. This robust multipurpose scoop has been specially designed so as to fit in perfectly into the PRO130D wheelbarrow tray in order to support any kind of weight over the front wheels whilst being perfectly balanced. Moreover, equipped with a reinforced large mouth, aluminium blade edge and comfort mounted handgrips, this strong scoop from BucketBarrow is the perfect hand shovel for any collection, movement or distribution of materials effortlessly. This unit has also been ideally designed to locate steadily onto the rear handles of the wheelbarrow so as to provide an excellent equipment caddy for optimum carrying capacity. Furthermore, with such a heavy-duty and effective dustpan with two rear foot platforms, the operator is guaranteed to secure materials swiftly and smoothly.


Load carry capacity

Large 130 litre volume tray and reinforced heavy duty frame; the same length and width as a traditional 100 litre wheelbarrow.


130 litre boltless 6mm thick UV treated premium polypropylene

Tray mounts

6 x M8 bolts mounted through 12 x 8mm heavy duty tabs

Shock board

Integrated within the PRO130d tray with strengthened ribbing

Under tray braces

2 x 25mm powder-coated tubular steel

Front slam bracket

4mm powder-coated steel


60 x 35mm powder-coated steel

Sub Chassis

32mm heavy duty fully welded powder-coated tubular steel

Hand grips

Comfort moulded non-slip


2 x 330mm x 90mm heavy duty 4 ply pneumatic tough tread tyre


2 x Powder-coated fully welded steel rim with a 25mm steel axle


Heavy duty stainless steel


1500 x 665 x 660 mm (LxWxH) without buckets & scoop 1500 x 670 x 690 mm (LxWxH) with buckets & scoop

Max load rating


Product weight




20 litre volume with internal and external litre markings

Material thickness

3.0mm premium polypropylene strengthened with extra ribbing


6mm zinc coated steel wire with comfort moulded hand grip

Additional info:

* Boxed Weight 2.5 kg
* Boxed Dimensions 34.5 × 34.5 × 36 cm



20 litre

Material thickness

3.0mm premium polypropylene supported with extra ribbing


Comfort moulded main hand grip plus secondary grab handle

Scoop mouth

Reinforced with incorporated heavy duty aluminium blade

Additional Information:
* Boxed Weight 2.5 kg
* Boxed Dimensions 30 × 68 × 33.5 cm

The BucketBarrow PRO130D Trade Tough product features:

  • * Dual front wheels
  • * Low centre of gravity for easy management of large volume and heavy loads.
  • * Wide four-point footprint offers outstanding steadiness for material loading and unloading.
  • * Big 130 Litre load carry capacity and strengthened heavy duty frame.
  • * Strengthened, boltless, water-resistant, 6mm thick poly tray with incorporated shock board for additional sturdiness.
  • * Great flat tray surface for maximum load stacking capacity and easy cleaning.
  • * Reinforced steel slam bracket to absorb impact and guard the front of the tray.
  • * Comfort moulded, slip resistant hand grips for controlled handling in tough environments.

Additionally, the PRO130D BucketBarrow System comprises of: 4 x strong 20Lt Buckets and 1 x multipurpose 20Lt Scoop that has the ability to incorporate effortlessly and precisely into the PRO130D wheelbarrow tray for optimum material loading, unloading, movement and placement.

The PRO130D BucketBarrow Product Features:

  • * Premium 3mm thick polypropylene with strengthening ribbing for strength in harsh working situations.
  • * Square profile with 20Lt volume capacity.
  • * Internal and external litre markings and rounded corners for precise material measurement, mixing and pouring.
  • * 6mm hardened steel handles with comfort moulded hand grips for stress-free and efficient load carrying.
  • * Top mounted handles for easy access and capability to effortlessly load and store on site and in work vehicles.

The PRO130d Multi-Purpose 20Lt Scoop Product Features:

  • * Reinforced large mouth, with aluminium blade edge and comfort hand grip making it a perfect hand shovel for quick and precise material gathering, movement and distribution.
  • * Locates firmly onto the rear handles of the PRO130d wheelbarrow ensuring the perfect carry caddy that capitalize on full load carry capacity.
  • * Forms a robust and effective dustpan with two rear foot platforms to protect materials for effective job clean up
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