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Hyundai 2400W / 230V 16" Bar Electric Chainsaw HYC2400E

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  • Brand: Hyundai
  • Product Code: DYHYD513

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The Hyundai HYC2400E Corded Electric Chainsaw is one extremely powerful, efficient and lightweight unit of only 5.4 kg which comes with a 2400 Watt/ 230 Volt twin electric motor and has been proven to be the perfect chainsaw for domestic use, such as for felling trees and cutting logs. This Hyundai Chainsaw is equipped with a chain guide bar and a chain of 400 mm with an electric/ mechanical chain brake which can be triggered in case there is any kick back by simply pushing the brake handle in the forward direction.

With no fumes emissions and a 12 metre power cable, this Hyundai corded electric chainsaw is the ideal unit for indoor as well as outdoor applications with an extensive working area. Plus, its exceptional chainsaw handle comes with a cable loop which lets the user to loop the cable back through the rear handle as well as around the loop to avert any type of unnecessary strain on the cable where it enters the handle.

In The Box

  • HYC2400E Chainsaw
  • 16” Oregon Bar
  • 1 Oregon Chain
  • Bar Cover
  • User Manual


  • Covered by a Hyundai 3-year warranty.

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Gross Weight (kg)5.40
Model NumberHYC2400E
Voltage230 -50Hz
Motor Rated Power2400W
Chain Speed15m/s
Chain Stopping Time (Kickback)0.15 Seconds
Max Cutting Length385mm / 38.5cm
Oil TypeChain Lubricating Oil
Vibration Level6.55m/s2, K=1.5m/s2
Measured Sound Level106dB(A)
Cable Length12m
Dimensions L X W X H (mm)780X240X310mm
Net Weight Chainsaw Only5.1kg
Net Weight Chainsaw & Power Cable6.6kg

Product Features:

  • Powerful 2400W / 230V two speed motor.
  • 16" bar and 1 chain
  • Tool-less chain tensioning for easy maintenance.
  • 12m power cable - eliminates the hassle of an extension cord for long reach cutting jobs.
  • Quick stop electric/mechanical chain brake & automatic chain lubrication.
  • Cable loop to prevent cable damage.
  • Quick and easy tool-free assembly.
  • Toughened steel spiked bumper improves stability for controlled cutting.
  • Covered by a Hyundai 3-year warranty.
  • Full UK service & parts operation to maintain your chainsaw for years to come.
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Chainsaw Safety:

Chainsaws are extremely dangerous pieces of machinery which can cause harm or even death in the wrong hands. Before using a chainsaw, always ensure you have the proper safety equipment, training and working environment.

Protective Clothing

Your first step should always be to ensure you’re wearing adequate safety clothing which will protect you in the event of a kickback or accident. You should always wear:

  • Helmet
  • Safety Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Trousers
  • Boots
  • Ear defenders

Check The Safety Brake

All Hyundai chainsaws are equipped with safety brakes which are designed to stop the bar and chain immediately in the event of a kickback. Before using your chainsaw, always test the safety brake by pushing it forward with a good amount of force to check that the bar and chain stops moving. If your safety brake does not work, do not use the chainsaw until the problem has been fixed.

Use The Right Stance

To maintain complete control over the chainsaw, always hold it close to your body and spread your feet apart for optimum balance. Hold the chainsaw tightly at all times, with your fingers and thumbs completely wrapped around the handles. To reduce the force of a kickback, always position your left thumb under the front handle.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

When operating a chainsaw, you should always keep a clear distance around you. Never let anyone within 5 metres of you when the chainsaw is on, and never use a chainsaw around children or animals. When tree felling, make sure that it is a safe area for the tree to fall without causing harm to people or damage to property.

Don’t Move With The Chainsaw Turned On

If you need to take more than a handful of steps when holding the chainsaw, always apply the safety brake or turn off the engine. If you’re transporting the chainsaw for greater distances, fit the protective guard around the bar.

Handle Petrol With Caution

If you have a petrol powered chainsaw, always use great care when handling and storing petrol. If you ever spill any, wipe it up immediately. Always remember that a petrol chainsaw produces carbon monoxide, which means you should never use a chainsaw indoors or in a confined space.

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