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Hyundai 2170PSI Hot Pressure Washer, 140°c, 2.8kW | HY150HPW-1

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  • Brand: Hyundai
  • Product Code: DYHYD608

The Hyundai HY150HPW-1 Hot Pressure Washer is the ideal unit for your industrial level cleaning by letting you to easily cut through stubborn oil, grease and thick stains!
With a remarkable ability to generate a powerful 2170 PSI (150 bar), this sturdy and efficient Hyundai Pressure washer will guarantee to save your time, energy and simplify your cleaning applications. Equipped with a 2800w / 2.8kW motor, the HY150HPW-1 comes with a flexible detergent delivery system in order to fine-tune the preferred cleaning process, be it a factory cleaning or a lorry wash.
Additionally, thanks to its integrated detergent tank and its smart design, this 2170 PSI Hot Pressure Washer from Hyundai also involves an automatic switch that can turn off the motor on the release of the trigger in order to ensure an extended lifespan of the motor and thereby reducing any additional maintenance. Plus, the HY150HPW-1 2.8kW Pressure Washer is also designed with a burner regulator in order to boost the fuel efficiency and decrease any type of wear and tear.
Moreover, the Hyundai HY150HPW-1 Hot Pressure Washer has been perfectly built with a vertical boiler with a high thermal efficiency steel coil, in order to generate high water temperature of up to 140°c and thus, easily clean as well as sanitise surfaces from any type of bacteria, germs or algae.
The operator can also effortlessly keep track of the fuel level, thanks to its easily visible warning light which turns on automatically in case the fuel level drops too low. The HY150HPW-1 is also fitted with automatic pressure gauges and temperature regulators in order to guarantee a quick and clean finish. This outstanding Hyundai HY150HPW-1 single-phase pressure washer has also been perfectly designed with comfortable handles and sturdy wheeled design and therefore, avoiding any strain in the arms or back as there is no need to carry the heavy machine around – but the user can merely push it to where it is needed.
Easily clean wide range of spaces owing to its 10m high-pressure hose and additional 5m power cord, especially around LGV, HGVs and articulated lorries easily and without the necessitating any extension cables.

Reasons for choosing a Hot Pressure Washer:
• Best for cleaning greasy and oily surfaces
• Ideal machinery in the cleaning, automotive parts, tractors, engines or even lorries
• Effectively remove greasy stains from your sink or other surfaces
• Capable to melt grime and grease to ensure a perfect finish unlike cleaning with cold water
• Time saver and stress free as compared to cold water pressure washer

At a Glance:
• 2800w / 2.8kW motor
• 2170 PSI / 150bar
• Produces water temperatures of up to 140°c to sterilise surfaces
• Able to cut through grease, oil and grime
• Built-in detergent tank
• Easy-to-wheel trolley design
• Produces high-quality clean finish
• Automatic low fuel shut-off
• Smart design to prolong motor life and increase fuel efficiency
• Includes a range of accessories
• 1 year Hyundai warranty with UK-based parts and service

Gross Weight (kg)116.00
Warranty1 Year
Motor2.8kW 230/240v Electric Single-Phase
Motor Speed (rpm)2800RPM
Fuel TypeDiesel
Tank Capacity18L
Built In Detergent TankYes
Hose Length (m)10.00
Max Outlet Air Temperature140°c
Max Flow Rate (litres/hr)11L/min
Pump3 Axial Cylinder Pump
Net Weight (kg)92.00
In The BoxHY150HPW-1 Hot Pressure Washer, High-Pressure Trigger Gun, 10m High-Pressure Hose, 700mm Stainless Lance with High/Low Pressure Regulation, High-Pressure Professional Nozzle

Product Features:
• Rapid and in-depth cleaning: In contrast to cold water pressure washers, the HY150HPW-1 has the ability to completely eliminate oil and grease in order to ensure sparkling results in no time at all.
• Extremely hygienic: Thanks to our hot pressure washers, the water can easily reach sterilisation-level temperatures, and thereby guaranteeing a bacteria and algae-free clean on every surface.
• Integrated detergent tank: This makes it even easier to clean farm machinery, large haulage vehicles, engines, automotive parts, and other industrial settings.
• Compact and portable: The compact wheeled trolley design, as well as the 10m long high-pressure hose and 5m power cord, will allow you to comfortably clean larger spaces or all the way around cars, tractors or machinery without the need of an extension cable.
• Peace of mind: This powerful pressure washer is covered by a 12 month Hyundai warranty

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