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A welding machine is used to perform welding using high electric current energy. Welding power supply can be differ from material to material, where a car battery can be used to weld two soft metal while a high ampere transformer or inverter is used for hard metals. Old welding machines were used with a small transformer supply. This transformer supply was used to convert voltage and current in to a low voltage and high current supply. These welding machines equipped with a transformers are heavy, bulky and massive. That makes then difficult to use and transport. These welding machines are more prone to short circuit and leakage inductance.

With the dawn of high power semi-conductors, the new welding method is invented. With the help of these high power semi-conductors, we can make a welding power supply that can with the arc welding’s high loads. These welding machine with such power supplies are called Arc Inverter Welders.  Arc inverter power supplies converts the AC current in to DC current then use this DC current supply in to step down transformer. This can produce desired current and voltage for desired welding. Arc Inverted Welders revolutionize the methods of welding throughout the last couple of decades. This technology is very light weighted than transformer based welders and thus it is much easier to handle and carry. With the weight loss there is significant size loss too. These welders comes in much smaller sizes thanks to their arc inverted technology. Transporting them to different places while workingis much easier with arc inverted technology.

If you are in need of getting a high performance and high quality Petrol and Diesel Driven cheap Arc Inverter Welder in UK then you are at the right place. You can make your work much easier with our Hyundai Portable Arc Welders. It is much easier to transport and handle due to its lightweight and small size. Our Portable Arc Welder is very cost effective as well as of high quality. You can adjust the current according to your work desire that makes it suitable for different material of different thicknesses. Hyundai  Arc Welder can be used for any type of material such as, steel, copper, iron, nickel, titanium and a lot others. Due to its new technology it requires less power as well as provide maximum protection.

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